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Acetate – Clear plastic that can be stamped. Often used as a window on shaker cards.

Bone Folder – A smooth, flat piece of bone (or other synthetic material) that is round at one end and pointed at the other. Popular tool used for scoring and folding paper. Also called a burnisher.

Brayer – Either a sponge, soft rubber, hard rubber or acrylic wheel on a handle generally used to make background.

Brush Markers – A  blendable, large brush point marker containing acid –free,  non-toxic, water-based ink used for coloring stamped images.  

Burnish – To polish to a glossy finish.

Crystal Lacquer – A water-based liquid that creates a raised, glossy surface. Available in clear and various colors.

Dauber – A tool for applying ink to cardstock. Has a spongy tip.

Direct- to-Paper – The process of directly applying an ink pad to the  cardstock or other surface.

Double Sided Adhesive – Mounting tape that has adhesive on both sides. Available in squares or on a role (such as Scotch Tape) Many sources

Dry Embossing – Getting a raised or a recessed paper image using a stylus and a stencil or an embossing folder.

Eyelets – A metal ring designed to reinforce a hole, a grommet.

First Generation Stamping -  The first stamp impression made after inking. Stampings to follow are referred to as second, third and fourth generation stamping made without re-inking.

Gate Fold – A Symmetrical fold characterized by two opposing fold-in panels.

Heat Gun – A craft tool used to melt embossing powder or heat set ink.

Heat Embossing – The use of a heat source to make embossing powder melt and produce the raised, embossed effect.

Huffing – Breathing on a stamp to re-wet the ink.


Archival Ink - Permanent & Waterproof.  Can be used on porous and non porous surfaces.  Good to use with water based or dye markers & watercoloring, will slightly smear when used with alcohol markers.

Dye Ink - Water based ink such as Stampin Up and Distress.  To be used on porous surfaces.   Will always react or smear when exposed to water.

                  Memento Ink is a dye ink that can be used with alcohol markers such as Copic

Hybrid Ink - Permanent & Waterproof.  To be used on porous surfaces.  Can be used with water based markers as well as alcohol based markers.

Metallic Ink - is a pigment ink.  To be used on porous surfaces.  Will never dry on a non porous surface.

Pigment Ink - (Versafine) To be used on porous surfaces.  Good for fine detail stamping such as words or phrases. 

VersaMark Ink - Clear sticky ink used with embossing powder to heat emboss.  To be used on porous surfaces.

StazOn Ink - A  solvent based ink designed for decorating non-porous surfaces such as glass, metal, plastic, cellophane aluminum foil, leather, acetate and acrylic.


Marvy Markers – Draw or write on any fabric. Dries instantly, machine washable, permanent, weatherproof and iron proof. By Marvy-U

Masking -  (traditional) A rubber stamping technique used to make stamped images seem to be behind one another. Stamp an image first on the project, then again on a scrap paper, cut out, place over the first stamped image, then continue to stamp other images over the cutout. Newly stamped images will appear to be behind the first image.

Mounted Stamp – Traditional rubber stamp with the stamped rubber mounted onto a piece of wood or similar material.

Mulberry Paper –Specialty paper with larger fibers that creates a feathered look when torn.

Paper Crimper –A tool used to corrugate paper or cardstock.  This tool can be found with the punches.

Pearl Ex – Powdered pigments used to create a metallic sheen, pearlescent shimmer, or a variety of faux finishes. It can be mixed into any medium and applied to any surface. By Jacquard.

Polished Stone Technique – The process of using re-inkers and rubbing alcohol to create marble backgrounds. Add a few drops of re-inkers randomly onto white glossy cardstock. Saturate a cotton ball with rubbing alcohol. Add 2 drops of each re-inker color onto the cotton ball. Dab the cotton ball randomly over the cardstock. Allow cardstock to dry, then seal with spray sealer. See *alcohol ink*

Pop Dots – 3/8 in. wide and 1/16 in. thick foam dots with an adhesive on both sides. Perfect for adding dimension. By All Night Media. And other sources

Prismacolor Pencils –  Wax Based Pencils with thick, soft leads made from brilliant, light-resistant pigments. The colors blend, are slow to wear and waterproof. Available in watercolor pencils too.

Raffia –Shredded raffia is used as a decorative element and is a great alternative to ribbons and bows.

Sponging – Adding color and texture to a surface with sponges.

Stamp-a-Ma-Jig – Tool that allows you to place your stamps exactly where you want them to appear.

Stamping Surfaces - Porous surface is any thing that absorbs the inks like paper or fabric.  Non Porous surfaces are glass, metal, plastic, cellophane aluminum foil, leather, acetate and acrylic.

Stippling – using a brush to tap ink onto paper. Usually in little dots.

Stylus – A  pen-like  tool with blunt, rounded ends used to deboss or score (make a shallow groove)  paper. You can also use a bone folder. See Dry Embossing

Unmounted Stamps – The rubber part of a stamp that has not been adhered to a cushion and wood mount.

Vellum -  A thin lightweight, transparent sheet of paper.

Xyron – a cold-laminate system for creating labels, stickers, etc.

Zots or Glue Dots -  Clear adhesive dots in a variety of sizes.
































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